Is the Scale Your Enemy?

What if we had something that gave us different information about our food choices instead of simple mass metrics? Maybe something along the lines of an indicator of how we feel after we take in a meal or snack?

Did what we ingest make us feel heavy or light, slothful or awake, upset bodily or calm? What about our mood? I know that when my mood is low I sometimes eat to fill a hole inside that feels larger than what is outside. It never really works though, it just ‘depresses’ my low mood or distracts me for a while.

I do use the scale regularly — but not to measure choice failure or to support the guilt that we are sometimes so loyal to when it comes to food. I use it as a record of where I was. I look back at those numbers and can review my journal to see what was up. What was I doing?

“Oh, I was here before my wedding, or, Wow! I was there after that cruise.” (There is a story there…) Or I can see how I made different food choices after my dad died. The scale doesn’t tell you whether or not you’re a good person. It only offers you a waypoint about where you are or were at a specific point in time.

I have a several years of records that simply act to remind me of what I want or need to do today to get where I want to be tomorrow. It really does help to make steps and choices in the direction that will get me there. It’s that easy.

I will turned 57 in January. I’ve LOVED the 50’s, but I’m in training for my 60’s and 70’s. I want to be mobile as I age. Sure I know our bodies decay, but the care I give this rental body now determines my physical self down the road.

We do have something that gives us other information about our food choices. It’s our present, honest awareness.

There is a Mexican potluck buffet simmering in the next room brought in by the office staff. I love that food, the smells are incredible, I can taste the cheese, the enchiladas, the heavenly wonderfulness of how I know a plateful will taste. But I’m also aware of how I’ll feel in two hours, of how uncomfortable I’ll be in this evening’s yoga class, even of how heavy I will feel tomorrow hiking the trial with my beloved. So I’ll have a tiny taste or pass completely thinking of the amazing meal Sandra S. Wood and I can make tonight together

How do you want to feel tomorrow?

Zane Darner
The Condition of Happiness Podcast