Meet Zane

My focus and priority is in helping stressed adults struggling with work-life balance who are feeling overwhelmed and distracted gain clarity and freedom!

Life Balance is possible. For over nineteen years I’ve helped adults reach a clearer understanding of the four “rooms” of their lives: Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit and especially the importance of how those rooms all need to be connected to each other. We’re often alone, or feel alone, in this segmented, mind-heavy culture we live in today. But you don’t have to be — true connection is available.

It is within your grasp to experience real joy and happiness through personal awareness and self-mastery. This isn’t just about learning a new technique or gimmick. Learning does lead to understanding. But it is APPLYING that understanding that creates true change. Practice leads to mastery — creating lasting patterns that more closely align with your sense of self.

A coach is an accountability partner available to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. In fact, that’s where the term first came from… In the Old English slang, a “coach” referred to the vehicle–the carriage that got you to where you’re going. I combine life coaching techniques with mindfulness and meditation practice to help you rediscover living life in a way that fits with who you are rather trying to force fit who you are to the life around you.

I believe that change is possible. Let me say that again: I believe change is possible! However in my experience working with adults I’ve learned though that it doesn’t happen overnight. There are no, “5-points to happiness” seminars that provide lasting change. We’ve all heard the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Yet we continue to try the same methods to get us where we want to go all the while our feet are pointing in a completely different direction.

Yes! Change IS possible! But it takes work, dedication, preparation, and practice. I work with adults who are ready, who are sick and tired of getting the same results time and time again. I believe in the art of possibility, of positivity, and my cup is always half-full.


Because of what I’ve learned on my own path. I’m approaching my 59th birthday and I’ve spent an enormous amount of time, focus, and energy on my own self-discovery. I’ve worked with teachers, coaches, and masters in their own right to help me not only get to where I want to be, but to learn how to continue to do it for myself.

You’re looking at this page for any of a number of reasons of your own. Regardless, I am here for you. Click the link below to send an email. Jot a short description. Let’s have a conversation and see if I’m a fit to help you achieve what you most want to reach for.

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