Sandra Wood, Coaching for Change

Seventeen years ago, I was shopping with my daughters when my doctor called me and said, “Sandra, I am really sorry to tell you this over the phone, but you have cancer.”

I was stunned. Something was tapping me on the shoulder and giving me notice — your life needs to change. Thankfully, my cancer was treatable. However, it did give me pause and two years later and after several marriage counseling sessions, my marriage of 20 years ended. My life felt like a giant storm — alternating between calm seas and tsunami waters.

I assumed full time parenting of my teen daughters, grieved the life loss of the life I had left. I learned through trial and error how to rebuild my life and slowly regained my confidence and became less a victim of my circumstance. I dug into the lessons my life was handing me by creating a new identity that had more to do with my values, strengths and purpose rather than the roles I had always assumed. My children watched me grow and create new boundaries while I demonstrated that even when life is hard, you can still blossom.

I am a coach that specializing in helping women create the change they most want to have, whether it be changing health, relationships, career, essentially what is most important for you. 

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