I Want to Understand My Truth

“I just want to understand my truth rather than what I have been programmed to believe about myself. I am tired of being a robot doing things because I am supposed to. I feel alone.”

This is just one of the comments that was shared with me when a client talked up about her divorce. We do have patterns from our past, things we were taught about the world-such as what it means to be a wife, a mother, a householder. Some of those things are amazing and some don’t serve us. We are programmed and when that veil starts to fall, it can be quite shocking and upsetting. 

Change takes awareness and bravely asking, “how did I get here?” Sometimes it’s the realization that we have been abandoned and neglected. Maybe we made our other roles and responsibilities more important then ourselves. Maybe NOW we are waking up to deeper aspects of who we are and why we are here, which by the ways, IS AMAZING.

Our conversation concluded with her saying, I deserve more and I deserve to be in a relationship where I can thrive and grow.

Damn right.