Caretaking is Consuming!

It is so easy for us to be consumed with our caretaking roles and to not heed the inner voice that tells us we are abandoning or neglecting ourselves.

⁣When we start to say, I deserve more, I deserve to be in relationships that thrive and grow-we begin to open ourselves to the mighty FORCE of who we are. ⁣Women who rise up, take the whole collective with her, it’s a win-win situation.⁣If you’re ready to say, I deserve MORE.

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How Do You Grieve the Past?

How do you grieve the past and set sail on your future? ⁣Often in relationships we lose our sense of self. We start to wonder after a divorce, who am I now? ⁣It is important to start by identifying what’s most important to you. ⁣Recognize the different stages of grief and identify what you are actually grieving.⁣Understand the tools of how to manage grief.⁣Set up the support you need physically, emotionally or mentally from your support system, coaches, and health care team.⁣Establish your first line of goals and move forward with an action plan. This helps you feel excitement for your future and see yourself letting go of what once was in in the past in order to create excitement for life now.